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Look At These Chinese Workers Carrying Mind-Blowing Amounts Of Stuff

Shanghai’s migrant workers are the foundation of China’s economy, ferrying goods around the city on their bicycle. But if these photos of them look impossible, that’s because they are. Their loads have been digitally increased as part of a photo project on the Chinese economy and global consumerism.

 ”[W]e are the servants of all these objects that we desire and wish to own, prompted by adverts.”

Here is the full story behind French photographer Alain Delorme, and his series Totems.

(Source: fastcodesign)

Researcher: Hackers can cause traffic jams by manipulating real-time traffic data


Hackers can influence real-time traffic-flow-analysis systems to make people drive into traffic jams or to keep roads clear in areas where a lot of people use Google or Waze navigation systems, a German researcher demonstrated at BlackHat Europe.

Google and Waze both offer turn-by-turn navigation in smartphone apps and use information derived from those phones for real-time traffic analysis. However, because of the tradeoff between user privacy and data gathering, hackers can anonymously influence navigation software to trick the real-time traffic system into registering something that isn’t there, said Tobias Jeske, a doctoral student at the Institute for Security in Distributed Applications of the Hamburg University of Technology, during the security conference in Amsterdam.

“You don’t need special equipment for this and you can manipulate traffic data worldwide,” Jeske said.

» via PCWorld


Meet Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis I

Francis is believed to be the first Jesuit to serve as popeAccording to NBC News, he is also likely the first pope with only one lung, having had one removed as a teenager following an infection.

As you might expect, his views on broader subjects is fairly orthodox, earning, for example, a rebuke from Argentina’s prime minister after suggesting that gay adoption discriminate against children.

Read more. [Image: Reuters]

Intelligence chiefs warn that cyberattacks are nation’s top security threat


The nation’s top intelligence officials told senators on Tuesday that cyberattacks are the leading security threat facing the United States.

Testifying at the Senate Intelligence Committee’s annual hearing on worldwide threats, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told lawmakers that terrorist groups are increasingly pursuing the ability to wage cyberattacks, which, if successful, could bring businesses and the government to a collapsing halt.

“Our statement this year leads with cyber, and it’s hard to overemphasize its significance,” said Clapper, reading a statement on behalf of himself, FBI Director Robert Mueller, CIA Director John Brennan and National Counterterrorism Center Director Matthew Olsen.

» via The Hill’s Hillicon Valley


10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Testing a Business Idea

1. What is my customer profile?
2. What am I replacing?
3. How do I demonstrate this idea to others?
4. Who will I need on my team?
5. What resources do I need?
6. How long will my purchasing cycle be?
7. What’s a reasonable sales forecast?
8. How much growth potential does my idea offer?
9. Do I possess the necessary skills?
10. Can I see myself doing this for the next two years?

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